A first person VR road for Google Cardboard

VR Crossy for Cardboard is basically an old school Frogger knockoff, minus the charm and addictive play. The game is decent enough for a VR game, but the play just doesn’t lend itself well to this format.

As the age old story goes, there’s this chicken who wants to cross the road. Why? Well, that’s still anybody’s guess. All you need to know, is you’re the chicken and this game is presented from the first person’s point of view, or first chicken’s pov, as the case may be. Traffic is heavy, so be sure to look both ways before attempting to cross the street. Not that it’s gonna help you much, cuz you’re still gonna go splat and fall back to earth into a heap of chicken tenders.

The graphics go for 8-bit retro, and actually look quite good. The colors are vivid and inviting, beckoning you to poke that chicken claw onto the asphalt and go for broke. The tricky part, is that cars sort of appear out of nowhere, so even if you look both ways and the coast is clear, that doesn’t mean you won’t get flattened by a truck. The sounds are appreciatively sparse, and the animation is smooth and renders well. The controls are simple and effective, and the recentering feature is a welcome bonus, and used often.

VR Crossy for Cardboard won’t entertain for long, but it’s still one of the better VR games out there right now. It’ll offer up some decent fun for a short while before being forgotten entirely. This would probably be good for a laugh with a group of friends, while duplicating the screen onto a larger display for simultaneous viewing.

VR Crossy for Cardboard2

VR Crossy for Cardboard3