A remake of the classic bird game in first person 3D VR

Flappy VR is a rarity in the VR app universe, because it’s actually a playable game that hold some interest and intrigue. And that’s saying a lot for a copycat of a mindless replay game. Yup, this one is based on everyone’s favorite flappy bird, and the rules of play are identical to the original.

Like all VR games, this one is played from the first person’s point of view. As such, you find yourself in an 8 bit meadow, or maybe it’s more like 16 bit. Anyway, there’s these vertical poles obstructing the path ahead, some of the poles are planted in the ground, while others hover above, seemingly dangling from nowhere. Between the green poles is a gap, and if you’re extra careful and time your flaps just right, you just might be able to squeeze your stupid little wings through the narrow gap. Remember, you’re a bird brain, so flying around these stupid poles seemingly eludes your mother clucking mentality.

Flap, flap, flap – BONK!
Too bad, so sad; game over, try again.

Flap, flap, flap – BONK!
Well, you know the drill.

Flappy VR is about as tediously monotonous as the original, save the virtual reality format, which actually makes this game more entertaining than the original. The graphics and animation are pretty much spot on to the original too, so… yeah. Happy flapping.

flappy vr2