A short guided tour of the Solar System

Titans of Space VR is probably one of the coolest VR apps I’ve tried. It’s basically a virtual tour of the planets in our solar system, and just a little bit beyond that. You’re seated inside some sort of shuttle pod, which you can’t see because the app is presented in the first person’s point of view. I think this is one of those instances where just some sort of glimpse from a third person’s vantage point would be nice, just so our imagination can visualize the vessel we’re traveling in. But okay, it’s not totally necessary to enjoy the fun.

If you look down, you can see your legs inside a space suit, and between them, is a computer screen with text that offers facts and tidbits about the planets and moons you’re viewing. The game actually uses either a handheld game controller, or just head tilts to activate a few buttons. The graphics, naturally, are all CGI, however, they look really convincing. The animation renders smoothly which helps round out the illusion nicely. The sounds feature dramatic music that is akin to 2001 A Space Odyssey and other sci-fi sort of programming. It’s cool enough and certainly adds to the drama, but the visuals are so stunning, that leaving us in the dead silence of space, perhaps with just some breathing and thruster sounds might have been even more engrossing.

The facts about the planets and moons are certainly educational, and I even learned some stuff I never knew. There’s really no basis in reality so far as the time it takes to get from one planet to the next, but then, who wants to wait the years it would take in real life?

Titans of Space VR is certainly worth checking out. This is ideal for inquisitive minds and kids of all ages. It’s super cool and very nicely done, through and through. Can’t wait to see how it evolves.

Titans of Space2