A tower defense game for our Google Cardboard

Defend the last human bastion on earth. The humanity has been reduced to ashes after World War IV, and all kinds of mutants arising from radiation, are attacking. Has the defender, you have to protect the city with many turrets on your arsenal.

If you never played a tower defense game before, it is about to defend a placement against hordes of monsters that try to get in, or deal damage. In this game, you have different types of towers to help you in that task. You have to place them on the way of the monsters to try to kill them before they make it to your base.

To play, just wear your Google Cardboard and use Magnet or a Bluetooth Gamepad. To build a tower, look at the empty spot for towers, and choose the type of tower you want to build. You can upgrade them if you have enough gold, looking at the desired tower and touching your Magnet or Gamepad for options. To shoot your personal weapon (yes, you have a weapon), look at your feet and choose for the type of ammo you need, depending the situation. And that it’s mostly what you need to get started.

There still many things to discover, places to defend, skills to level up and monsters to kill 🙂