Addicting 3D VR game in space

VR Space Traveler shows so much more promise than it currently delivers upon. As the story goes, you’re flying a cool space craft through a 3D landscape, collecting power cubes along the way while avoiding the swirly looking obstacles that make your craft go boom on impact. The game feels very retro, but is lacking in any sort of entertainment value or refinement.

The controls are just simple tilts, which make your craft change lanes, sort of like a traditional endless runner. You can dodge, and kinda leap over things, but in the end, going boom is about the most action you’ll see out of this one. The illusions of speed are flat out terrible, and the game plods along like it’s taking a leisurely Sunday drive, while the music suggests far more action and imperative then the game delivers. The music is annoyingly terrible and the stuff mute buttons are made of. The graphics are actually sort of intriguing, offering a cool, futuristic vibe that suggests a better game than is actually the case.

There’s several power-ups to collect along the way, most of which don’t do much of anything worthwhile. VR Space Traveler definitely comes off like an experiment in VR possibilities, more so than a viable game worth playing. I think there’s a lot more that could be done with this game, but like most VR apps, it feels more like an afterthought that some developer did just to play around with the format. This game is barely worth the download and might just make you regret splurging on those VR goggles, cardboard or not.

VR Space Traveler2

VR Space Traveler3