Stop Aliens attack on Paris, Pisa & NewYork in this VR game

Aliens Invasion VR tasks you with protecting some earthly cities from an alien attack. The game starts off in Dubai, but also includes Paris, New York, Riyadh, Kuwait and Pisa. As you can see, the locales aren’t exactly plentiful, however, it’s still pretty cool, provided the app doesn’t crash on you outright.

What’s cool about this game, is the alien invasion element, which is always a fascinating premise. You’re the pilot of an F-16 jet, and your mission, is to attack the alien UFOs hovering over these great cities and defend them from invasion. This game is just begging for game controller compatibility, which it sadly does not support. Rather, to attack the alien UFOs, you just focus your gaze on them long enough for the circular icon to complete one clockwise revolution, which them triggers your missiles to be launched. Truth be told, the battles are a little underwhelming.

The graphics aren’t half bad, which is just another way of saying they half sucked. But they’re passable. The animation is very crude and choppy, and stutters often. The resolution also leaves a little to be desired, with lots of low resolution jaggies and artifacts. The sounds are minimal but at least offer some dynamics that the play is lacking.

The biggest drawback of this promising game, is that it crashes often. And on top of that, the calibration downright sucks. You have to look almost behind you just to start the game, and the views often jump out of alignment while playing.

Aliens Invasion VR has potential but comes off very amateurish. It’s good enough to check out, but won’t entertain for long.

Aliens Invasion VR2

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