Experience dinosaurs with your VR or Cardboard

Dino Land VR is a bit of a mixed bag. I was expecting more of an interactive experience, but in reality, this is just a walking tour and none of the dinosaurs even notice that you’re there. As such, it’s only modestly entertaining, however, kids love dinosaurs so much, that I could see this being a really big hit with them.

The controls are modest, assuring they remain kid friendly. Just look down at the ground to start or stop walking, and the rest, is just looking around at what’s what. And that’s really the downfall here; there’s a lot of walking going on, and not all that many dinosaurs to look at. And when you do come upon a dino, they really don’t do much. Most dinos walk too fast to keep up with them, which is a shame, because it would have been fun to just roam among them for a while. Seeing the pterodactyls was cool, but they fly by overhead too fast. It would have been cooler if one picked you up in its talons for a while so you could see an overview of the landscape and sort of enjoy the modest fear of being whisked away to who knows where before being dropped into a nest of hatchlings. Walking through a T-Rex’s legs was pretty cool though. The good news is, the landscape is expansive, and there’s much to explore.

The graphics are this game’s strongest element by far, with fantastic details to admire in full VR glory. The sounds are indeed realistic sounding, however, they also grate on the nerves before long; there’s only so much screeching and gnarling one can take. The animation is also quite strong and rendered smoothly.

Dino Land VR is decent for what it is, but it clearly plays out like a beta in need of more work. It’s cool, just not as cool as it could be.

Dino Land VR2

Dino Land VR3