A new way to see your world

Discovery VR is brought to you by the good people at the Discovery Channel, and what that means for you, is a quality VR experience. The app can actually be used with or without Google Cardboard, however, it’s a lot more fun and interesting with it, or with a proper VR headset.

Discovery VR is essentially a collection of behind the scenes videos to some of the Discovery Channels most popular TV shows. So this really isn’t a game, so much as it’s a viewing experience. There’s clips from shows like, Mythbusters, DNews and SurvivorMan, with additional categories like, adventure, planet and gold rush. There’s only about 20 videos so far, but they’re definitely worth checking out, particularly if you’re just starting out with VR apps.

The videos are presented documentary style, with visuals and accompanying narration. It’s the Discovery Channel, so all the videos are of primo quality and I experienced no buffering or delays in playback. The app promises much more content in the future, which is likely to be the new frontier in mobile gaming and online viewing.

All of the videos are presented in portrait on a vertically scrolling list, populated with high impact text and quality thumbnails. Just scroll through the offerings, then click on a video you want to see to begin viewing. All the videos play in standard format first, with a banner at the top of your screen which is used to activate VR viewing. Truthfully, the portrait presentation feels counterintuitive to the VR format, and turning your phone from one orientation to the next, then getting it situated into your VR goggles can all be a bit much. But the videos look great, so it may well be worth the trouble.

Discovery VR is very promising, and when bigger companies dive into new technology like this, then you know it’s a signal of bigger and better things to come.

Discovery VR2