Enjoy the feeling of performing stunts on a difficult road in beautiful scenery

VR Speed Stunt Race is, well, a hot mess of a game. I’m not even sure where to begin with this one, except to say, there’s neither speed nor stunts in this sorry excuse for a game. So I’m not quite sure where the title comes from, because it’s just blatant false advertising. But the push ads displayed well, so at least we know where the developer’s priorities lie.

Judging by the title, the game is supposed to be a need for speed sort of racer, with killer stunts and tricks to pull off and stick the landing; if only. Rather that the potentially fun game I just described, what you’re presented with, is a crude beta that appears to be more of a demo suggesting what the VR platform has to offer, and believe me, if VR Speed Stunt Race is a shining example of what VR gaming has to offer, then we’re not missing much and the format is doomed.

The game is presented from the driver’s point of view, and the race track looks like one of those go-cart tracks they have at the mini golf place, complete with cartoonish castles and loop-de-loops that look way more exciting than they actually turn out to be when driving them. The illusions of speed are laughably terrible and plod along slower than a tortoise racing a hare. The animation is choppy and has you twisting and contorting your head just to keep eyes on the road. VR is cool, but only when it serves the game, unlike here, where it’s reduced to just a cheesy gimmick.

VR Speed Stunt Race is barely worth the download. It’s cool enough as a VR experience, but as a bona fide game, it sucks, big time.

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