Feel the action of a wild shootout as a cowboy in the west

Wild West VR is exactly what it sounds like, a virtual reality shooter set in the wild, wild, west. You’re a cowboy strolling down Main Street of a dusty old town, when you happen upon some outlaws. Naturally, you do what any self-respecting cowboy would do, and draw your weapon. And that’s where all the fun comes screeching to a halt.

The game is just your basic shoot ‘em up, but the mechanics are so slow and plodding that it would be faster to just run up to the outlaw and give him a swift kick between the legs. At least that would be more fun. Instead, this game has you taking aim by just looking in your opponent’s vicinity, then once he’s in your sights, you have to pump a couple slugs into him before he goes down. It’s sort of lame because you can blast an enemy right between the eyes and all he does is stand there, waiting for your second bullet before he goes down.

The graphics are actually pretty good but still need some nuance and refinement. The animation is slow and choppy, not because the renders stutter, but because the programming is sloppy. The sounds are decent enough and go for old west realism, or the realism we’ve come to know from movies and TV. Moving around the environment happens on autopilot, so you can’t exactly explore this dusty town by your own free will.

Wild West VR is very slow and heavy handed and offers more potential than it delivers. It could be really entertaining, but comes off as a dull bore. Ironically, VR development is still in its wild west days, so the field is wide open for someone to create a monster hit, but this one ain’t it.

wild west vr