Find oneself stayed in the centre of a night city!

Crazy Swing VR isn’t really a game so much as it’s an experience. The setting is some sort of futuristic carnival, though there aren’t any other people bustling about, likely just to make the programming easier. But some sort of nondescript music is blaring, and there’s a few carnival stands strewn about the landscape, perhaps serving hot dogs on a stick, cotton candy, or some sort of fried something or other that your colon would prefer you didn’t eat; but I digress…

When the app starts, you find yourself strapped into a behemoth ride, which is apparently a swing designed to make you hurl your cookies. Seated next to you, is a big boobed dominatrix looking chick, which is probably where most of you will stop reading and run to download this app. But for those of you that aren’t silly enough to crush on a CGI pixel girl, the setting looks pretty cool. You’re actually in the middle of a metropolis at night, with tall skyscrapers, billboards advertising the developers other apps, and glowing city lights. You can look all around your surroundings, just to admire the scenery. The graphics are really quite good and deserve to be examined for a moment before the ride kicks in and everything’s a blur.

If you look to your right, you’ll see a lever, begging to be pulled; just focus your gaze on it to flip the switch and start the ride, then hang on for dear life. The ride is sort of like a swinging pendulum, and you go back and forth, gaining momentum. If you look back to your left at the busty CGI girl, you’ll see her flopping around like a rag doll; she’s either sloshed out of her mind, or passed out from the excitement. Whatever the case, at least she isn’t puking, though that might have added an interesting element to this VR experience.

As you swing round and round, it’s fun to watch the skyscrapers go whizzing by, and the nighttime landscape looks really killer. If you look to your left, past the big CGI boobies, you’ll notice a humongous moon with Saturnesque rings around it; very cool. There’s really not much else to do here but enjoy the ride until your pendulum swing slows to a stop.

Crazy Swing VR offers a cool taste of what VR gaming has to offer. Like most of these apps, it feels a little under developed, but the animation is excellent and the visuals border on stunning.

Crazy Swing VR

Crazy Swing VR2