Frightening atmosphere, astonishing graphics in deserted hospital

VR Horror House aims for spine chilling frights and terrors, and does manage to deliver a few goosebumps. But it’s also very lame and cheesy too. The worst part of the game, is the controls.

Basically, the whole game is presented from the first person’s point of view. You find yourself inside what appears to be an abandoned asylum, or perhaps a hospital of sorts. The room is apparently lit by flashlight, because you can only see what’s directly ahead, illuminated by a narrow spotlight. Just turn your head from side to side to illuminate other portions of the room and get the lay of the land.

This is your basic, run of the mill, search and escape sort of game. There’s a weapon hidden somewhere in this nutty joint, but finding it is tricky to say the least, and you will die many a gruesome death before figuring out where that dang gun is.

The graphics are decent enough, for what can be seen of them with that narrow spotlight. The animation isn’t half bad, but there’s really not much going on here to render, so it’s all relative. The controls suck because you walk through the scene automatically, and try as I may, I couldn’t find a way to just stop walking and examine my surroundings. I came upon an elevator, but kept having to circle back just to see what happens when the doors opened. The wonky controls sort of kills the fun.

The sounds are cringeworthily bad; cheesy heavy breathing, with eye-roll inducing grunts and snarls from the possessed humanoids waiting to devour you. They’ve been skinned alive, so there’s much to be angry about, but the attacks seem to come from nowhere. I was being mauled to death by a goon I couldn’t find, no matter which way I looked, while another possessed freak was just stuck in a corner doing nothing but banging his head into a wall. Before I knew it, it was game over, which suited me just fine.

VR Horror House actually shows a lot more promise than it currently delivers upon. The visuals are intriguing, and the plot has some genuine creep-out factor, but the play is lacking and needs more work.

VR Horror House