Froggy VR

Froggy VR is an interesting VR game because it’s fully evolved and actually has a beginning, middle and end. As the title suggests, you’re playing as a frog, and this one happens to be on a romantic picnic with his froggy girlfriend. There’s a lovely spread of wine and cheese, placed onto a blanket with a picnic basket nearby. You can hear the water flowing and the landscape is lush with greenery and tranquility. But you’re a frog, and your puny little brain can’t hold focus for long, so you hop away from your stunning green girlfriend to go look for some insects to gobble.

Snatching up insects with your long, slimy tongue is actually quite fun. Just focus on the buzzing critter you want to munch, then watch that long tongue of yours whip out and snatch it. Mmm-mmm good! Suddenly, you hear a scream. You look back to see what looks to be a dinosaur grabbing your froggy girlfriend, but then you remember you’re an itty-bitty frog, and it’s not a T-Rex, but a crocodile snatching your beloved as she flails and cries out for you to save her. You resist every urge to run away; the pond is filled with frogs, after all. But this one stole your heart and you’d better save her before that croc sautes up some yummy frog legs for dinner.

Hop-hop-hop, goes the frog, in search of his love. Follow the pathway of markers, leading you to find your girlfriend. And so the adventure begins.

The graphics are excellent, even if a tad blocky. The animation is refined but could still use to be tweaked more. The sounds offer realistic ambiance and definitely drew me into the play. This is a full sensory experience, and certainly holds interest.

Froggy VR is one of the better VR games out there right now and will help justify that investment in your VR goggles, cardboard or not. The game actually stands on its own, without relying solely on the VR gimmick to carry it through. It’s also kinda cute and fun too.

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