Arizona desert, Turtles and RollerCoasters in one 360º video!

From the hands of USA TODAY NETWORK, we bring today that 3 in 1 360º video experience to enjoy with your Google Cardboard!

First, Take a roller coaster thrill ride through time in VR! Just how much have roller coasters changed over the years? Why not hop on a roller coaster time machine and take a tour of thrill-ride history at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta.

Then, Go VR canyoneering through stunning Arizona desert! Thousands of canyons cut through the sunburned landscape of the Arizona desert, and they’re ripe for exploration.

And finally, Visit the Sea turtles, that aren’t just beautiful creatures, they’re history. Sea turtles have existed for 150 million years; to give you some perspective, dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. And they’re worth keeping around for 150 million years more. Enjoy first-hand view of the life of sea turtles off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands, and find your Zen.

Take a breath. Take it in. And don’t forget to look around!


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