How long can you last against the endless waves of zombies?

VR Survival Shooter is a spooky sort of endless shooter. The game hits the ground running, right from the get go, with no welcome screens or frilly pleasantries. So plop your phone into your VR goggles, strap in and get ready to roll.

You find yourself in a spooky house that’s probably haunted. How do I know it’s haunted, hmmm… well, the creepy cartoonish music was sort of a clue and actually fits the game quite nicely. However, it’s also highly repetitive and would grate on the ol’ nerves, right quick. But for short bursts of play, it actually enhances the game and sets the right mood.

The graphics aren’t exactly what I’d call stunning, however, they look good and effectively deliver some creeps. In some ways, this game almost reminds me of 5 Nights at Freddy’s, in that, you spend a lot of time looking around for an enemy to appear, and before you know it, they’re right on top of you, stealing your gun and doing who knows what else to your virtual self.

The monsters look to be sewn from old wool socks, and are appropriately unnerving. To shoot, just look at the monsters coming your way and sort of hover the floating cursor atop them to make them burst and disappear. I’ve tried a few VR shooters, and of the lot, this one is actually the best overall.

VR Survival Shooter isn’t exactly cutting edge, however, it’s nicely put together and the mechanics fit the VR environment rather well. It’s fun enough and at least give the opportunity to test this growing game format with some decent play. It does make you dizzy though, so beware and keep the motion sickness medication handy.

VR Survival Shooter2