Hunt in VR while experiencing the thrill of being in the nature

VR Hunter aims for retro platformer territory, complete with annoying MIDI intro and 8-bit looking graphics. This game basically comes off like an old school, Minecraft meets Nintendo Duck Hunt, sort of game that’s heavy on the pixels and shy on fun. Sure, it’s entertaining for a couple of minutes, but is essentially one of those Kleenex apps; play it, toss it, then move on to the next one.

The game actually offers VR and regular mode all in one, which is actually sort of cool and points to perhaps the future of mobile gaming. I can totally see developers offering both versions to their games by default, just to up the appeal and make the app more inviting. It’s an interesting way to gain an audience, particularly if the game is worth playing; and the jury is still out if this is one of those worthwhile games, but I’m edging toward not.

VR Hunter has you sitting in a field with your trusty dog, and no, you can’t shoot your dog. I know this because I tried and the bullets just go right through him like he’s a ghost. But no matter, because there’s plenty of ducks flying overhead, squawking and beggin’ to have their heads blown off; or perhaps they’re geese, either way, they’ve got it coming. Just tap to blast and watch the feathers fly.

The funny thig about the shooting part, is you don’t even need to be spot on with your aim; just a mere suggestion of the duck you’re trying to shoot is all it takes. So long as you’re in the general vicinity, then it’s all good. You can even shoot in the center of a cluster of birds and make them all go boom in a poof of feathers. Cool, and strangely satisfying.

VR Hunter is modestly entertaining, and almost fun, for a few minutes at least.