A short adventure with arcade elements

InMind VR is probably one of the most developed and well thought out VR games out there right now. It’s the only one I’ve seen to have a version 16, while most barely reach beyond version 1.0. But okay, frequent updates alone don’t make a great game.

What’s cool about InMind VR, is that it sort of has a Honey I Shrunk The Kids mentality, in that, you’re flying through a CGI rendition of the human brain, looking for neurons to repair while weaving through synapses. The neurons you’re seeking out are responsible for brain disorders and you’re helping cure a patient of their illness. To do that, just seek out the red neurons and focus your gaze on them until they turn green. Okay, so it’s not super exciting, but it’s fully evolved, which is saying a lot for VR gaming at the moment.

The graphics are quite nice, with lots of vibrant colors and visual stimuli that’s enhanced and amplified by the VR format. It’s all very engrossing. The animation is equally refined, with smooth renders and clean flight paths. The downside, is you really can’t fly wherever you want, but must follow a set trajectory. As such, you have to act fast when trying to cure the neurons, because you only get one flyby, and if you miss one, there’s no going back. The neurons sort of come from all directions, so you can get dizzy whipping your head around trying to cure them all.

InMind VR is a rather short game, but I love that it was constructed with a beginning, middle and end. This developer is working on another game, InCell, which should be one to watch, given the quality of this first game. The pickings are pretty slim for VR gaming, so this one is definitely worth checking out.

InMind VR

InMind VR2