Kill germs using the first ever motion-tracking VR controller for Cardboard

GermBuster VR is a modestly entertaining bubble shooter where you blast germ monsters lurking in what looks to be a child’s bedroom. The germ monsters are green and slimy, and definitely look disgusting; the game should probably be called SnotBuster because that’s what they look like.

To shoot a monster, you just move your head to adjust your aim and lock onto your target. You’re not actually shooting the monsters with a regular gun, but bombarding them with soap bubbles. You’re your aim is locked, you’ll see a circular timer fill up clockwise as your enemy is buried by a continuous flow of bubbles shooting out of your gun. Once the circle timer makes a single revolution, the monster bursts like a blob of goo and you move onto the next monster.

Monsters appear in waves, but really don’t do much of anything other than wait to be annihilated with bubbles. The graphics are decent and there’s virtually no sounds to speak of, nor is there much fun to be had. It’s an interesting concept with some potential, but goes nowhere fast. The real innovation here, is the app has the option of using a cardboard gun that you can build for free. Just visit the developer’s website to download the instructions. The gun adds the novelty of using your hand to point and shoot your virtual gun, which is accomplished by building the QR code cardboard gun.

GermBuster VR is a modest novelty at best. It’s entertaining for a few moments, but is destined to be forgotten shortly thereafter.