A crazy open world virtual reality snowboard game

Mad Snowboarding VR is a very early iteration of a VR app. Don’t let the screenshots fool you, because this one doesn’t even come close to using all the available screen space on your phone, rather, it uses just a small postage stamp sized portion of your screen, which downright sucks and ruins the whole experience. This app has far more potential than it currently delivers, however, if you want to play with those goggles of yours, then it’s still worth checking out, provided you modulate your expectations.

This is one of those VR games that would do good to offer some sort of overview map in the upper corner of your screen, just to give you the lay of the land. Sure, you can look around in full 360 degrees, however, that’s not the same as being there, where depth perception and spatial reasoning helps round out the landscape. As it is, I found it almost impossible to pull any tricks or catch big air. Well, actually, I caught the biggest air of all when I veered so far off course that I drove my board straight off the mountain and into the oblivion that had yet to be programmed. I actually could look back and see the mountain hovering in time and space, as I plummeted into the endless void.

The graphics are mediocre, largely because the postage stamp presentation keeps everything so minuscule that it’s hard to decipher what’s what. The sounds go for realistic ambiance, with frigid sounding winds that made me want to call it a day and kick it by a fire in the lodge, if only there was one to be found. The animation is decent, but that’s not saying much.

Mad Snowboarding VR seems more like a school project than a finished app that’s ready for prime time. It’s really not worth the download, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the sport and just can’t resist the urge.

Mad Snowboarding VR2

Mad Snowboarding VR3