Met people around the world in this VR social network

vTime is the world’s first sociable network in virtual reality on mobile. This VR social network allows you to chat and share with friends and family, from wherever they are in the world, in incredible virtual destinations using only your phone, a Cardboard headset, and earphones with a built in microphone.

It will ask you for many permissions, but seems legit to share that kind of data since it can connect with your real life friends that use this app, linking your contacts and your Facebook account. You can also upload 360º images and share 2D photos or even take selfies with your virtual friends and to end, you must confirm your e-mail address as well.

It was surprisingly easy to use. A well made guide will company you around the tutorial to use the app. At the beginning create your avatar, there are many customization options to choose. The cool stuff its that since there is voice chat enabled, no one can cheat pretending be a girl or a guy or vice versa. Once you have created your avatar, move to any destination. Those destinations are different areas to meet and connect with people, once you get engaged in a chat, the scenario changes, and you can see their avatars and listen/join the chat.

Immersive audio does the rest, to really get you into the scene. To fully enjoy this app, you must use headphones with microphone in order to listen and speak to the people around the world. Don’t be shy if you don’t speak English, they are improving to connect people the with same language, and other features to come.

This is not a role playing app, it’s an app to met people, so keep in mind that you must be polite and kind in order to make friends if it’s that what you want for real.