You won’t believe it! It’s like Minecraft for Cardboard!

Mineforge VR is a virtual reality block based mining game for Google Cardboard. If you never played Minecraft before, or a game alike, those games are a sandbox game where you can mine for materials and then build whatever it is possible to build with those materials you just get.

In Mineforge VR, you can mine and build as well. I have been playing for a while myself, but it is a bit frustrating if you played Minecraft before in a computer. I haven’t been able to run, only walk and Bluetooth gamepad looks like it’s not compatible. It is annoying as well that you must look above you to switch between mining or building, I think, you can set it up to a better position but I have no clue how. Guess, you should have more patience than i had :P. Besides that, the graphics are good and the whole experience can be relaxing for someone that it’s the first time that play that kind of games. Mining, walking around, building, listening to music…