Try out your vestibular system on an insane attraction

VR Air Race Virtual Attraction is supposed to be akin to one of those children’s rides you see at the amusement park. I’m not sure why the word “race” is in the title, because there’s nothing even remotely resembling a race in this game. Basically, it’s a virtual merry-go-round, but with colorful planes instead of horses.

The app gives you a moment to place and align your phone correctly into your VR headset, and from there, takes to the skies right from the word go… sort of. Just look down to the lever between your legs, which is supposed to be like a pilot’s cockpit control. Once the lever is activated, the ride takes flight; spinning around and around, like a record baby, ‘round-‘round, ‘round-‘round. (Yes, that’s Dead or Alive, for you 80’s buffs.)

The graphics are very colorful, bordering on eye candy good looks with cartoonish visuals that are pleasing to the eye. The animation is actually clean and smooth, which is a bonus for these VR games. The sounds go for amusement park ambiance and complete the illusion nicely, without being overbearingly annoying.

The play is rather repetitive and monotonous. If you look up to the extreme left or right, you can make your plane do endless corkscrews, and you’ll live to regret that decision, because the illusion will have your head spinning and lodge your stomach square into the back of your throat; in other words, it’s fun… until it isn’t — *Baaaaaarf*

VR Air Race Virtual Attraction is worth checking out just to experience what VR has to offer, but as a full-fledged game, it leaves much to be desired. Once the ride ends, there’s virtually nothing to do but stare at that lever to start the ride back up and do it all over again.

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