Ultimate jeep safari in 3D

VR Safari has a lot going for it, but also a lot working against it. As the title suggests, this is a virtual reality African safari where you get to roam the wilds in search of cool animals to look at. You’re in a green jeep and there’s an array of controls to operate by tilting your head and focusing on the different buttons. You can drive normal speed, fast, slow, reverse and stop. None of those functions support a wireless controller, which would be ideal for an app with a lot of driving. But VR development is still in its infancy and developers aren’t yet thinking about creating fully realized games.

The play basically involves driving on a predetermined path of travel and enjoying the scenery. Then you stop somewhere to admire the elephants as they pass in front of your jeep .When you’ve seen enough, just tilt your head toward any of the drive commands to continue to the next viewing area. There’s crocs, gazelle, tigers and more to admire. Even just enjoying the scenery is nice.

The graphics are fairly good, but despite what the screenshot suggests, the app doesn’t make use of all the available screen space, so you’re stuck looking at only a small portion of your screen, which makes no sense at all. The animation is smooth for the most part, but a little choppy here and there. The sounds go for realism and were effective.

VR Safari could be so much better than it is, however, it’s a good start and kids would love it. I think it has a lot going for it, if the developers would just make an effort to realize its full potential. As it is, it seems more like a beta.

VR Safari2