Virtual Reality 360º Skydive

Virtual Reality 360º Skydive really had me amped up for a super cool, skydiving experience, but sadly, the app doesn’t live up to the hype I created in my own mind. The app basically offers two jumping options that essentially add up to the same mediocre experience. You can either jump from a helicopter, or an airplane, which leads me to my first caveat with this app. The video doesn’t linger long enough on the craft you’re jumping from, which sort of negates the option of offering the choice to begin with. It’s classic filmmaking 101, you have to set up the scene with some establishing shots first, otherwise, the drama and impact are lost.

The app is basically just a 360 degree video presentation, and as such, there should have been footage walking up to the craft to build tension and anticipation. Then there should have been some shots on the craft itself, thus building the excitement of the adventure to follow. Next, it should have showed views looking out of the plane or helicopter, and lingered more on that precarious leap out of the craft. But this app does none of that. Instead, you barely get your headset on, and you’re already out of the craft, plummeting to earth; talk about a wasted opportunity. But ok, let’s roll with it.

Once you’re flying through the air with the greatest of ease, the jumper opens his parachute so fast, that you didn’t even have a chance to enjoy the moment, the stupid tool wearing the camera didn’t even bother to look up to catch the moment properly. Sure, you can look up yourself and catch a view of the pen parachute above, however, the upper most view of a 360 degree camera is nothing to write home about because that’s where all the seams of the images are stitched together, so to speak, and you can see the cross-stitched pattern of the images merging together, which totally ruins your view of the parachute. Clearly someone told this jumper to pretend the camera wasn’t there and just do his thing as normal, which was terrible advice. In this instance, the cameraman needed to look around and guide the viewer toward what they should be looking at.

Virtual Reality 360º Skydive still offers a mediocre VR skydiving experience worth checking out, but I’m being hard on it because it could have been so much better. As it is, it’s a solid letdown and nowhere near as immersive or fun as it should have been.

Virtual Reality 360º Skydive2