Virtual Reality OS for 3D & 360 content

FullDive VR has the lofty goal of turning everything your device does into a virtual reality experience. The developers have even come out with their own Google Cardboard goggles, and if you know anything about VR, you know the best goggles aren’t actually cardboard, but plastic. And if you’re going to be wearing them for as long as this app’s functionality suggests, you’d do good to invest in an affordable set of VR specs because they’ll be padded and more comfy than wearing corrugated cardboard on your face for hours on end.

So the app is basically a launcher of sorts, which is nothing new to the world of Android. You can peruse your gallery of photos and videos, open a web browser and surf the net, visit YouTube and watch some vids, and basically do everything your phone can do, except make calls. Yes, you can even take pictures, though sadly, the end result is just a fuzzy, cropped, single image, not a side by side VR photo. I think presently, FullDive is more like a promissory note of a better app to follow once the format takes flight. It’s an ambitious project, possibly the first of its kind, but most definitely not the last or even best version still to come.

Here’s a short list of all this app currently offers, with more features coming soon:

  • VR Video
  • VR YouTube
  • VR Camera
  • VR Gallery
  • VR Browser
  • VR App Market

FullDive is a bit wonky right now, a bit gimmicky, and doesn’t at all feel like anything viable, but the promise of where it could go is very intriguing. But there’s also the dizzy factor to consider, because the more you wear VR, the more off balance you feel. Plus, the app has you looking down often to get to your navigational controls, so that only adds to the potential vertigo. FullDive is really cool as a concept app, and it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

FullDive VR2

FullDive VR3