Watch the underwater with your Cardboard

Sea World VR is a cool aquatic app that has you diving in the open sea. The underwater landscape is populated with coral and aquatic plant life that’s all CGI based but still looks pretty good. Truth be told, I think this one would be better if they used real underwater footage rather than the CGI renditions, however, it still looks decent enough.

This is more of a nature experience than a game, however, if you look down at your feet, you’ll see a pair of flippers waiting for you; just stare at them a sec to put them on and off, which subsequently allows you to swim around or stay in place. It’s pretty fun to go exploring but easy to get trapped against rocks and such along the ocean floor.

The really cool part of this VR experience, is you can choose between two visual events to experience, either a whale or a shark, which will swim by peacefully or come at you with gnarled teeth, depending on which of the two you choose. Again, this would be so much cooler if it were real footage as opposed to CGI animation. Having said that, the animation is smooth and clean, lending itself well to this peaceful environment. The sounds are just sort of aquarium bubbles and not all too realistic.

Sea World VR is rather simple and there’s not much to see or do once the novelty wears off, but it’s sort of fun for a few minutes at least. I think this is definitely something kids would love. There’s a lot they could do with this app and it has a lot of unrealized potential.

Sea World VR

Sea World VR2