Find yourself in a thrilling adventure in the VR Wild West

Western VR is another cool app brought to you by the good people of Fibrum, who seem to be one of the leaders in this emerging gaming format. As the title suggests, you’re playing as an old west gunslinger, and your mission, is to seek out bad guys and have a good old fashioned shootout.

As we all know, the best gunfights happen on the dusty streets of a tiny Podunk town, which is exactly where you find yourself. This is one of those VR games that you have to play standing up, because you’re going to be looking all around you, in full 360 degrees, trying to spot the bad guys you’re going to blast to smithereens. They come out from all corners of the woodwork, behind ye old saloon, busting out from the general store and leaping out from behind water troughs. Okay, so I’m probably making it sound a bit cooler than it is, but it’s still good fun.

To shoot a bad guy, just move your head to get one in your crosshairs. The shooting happens automatically, and yes, is somewhat bloody and gratuitous, but then, in these days, children used to watch hangings in the town square, and our great grandparents never grew up any worse for the wear, so I think kids can handle some modest CGI blood.

The graphics are fairly good, but still not on par with what’s standard for today’s apps. The animation is a little too slow for what’s supposed to be an action packed shoot ‘em up, and the bad guys do fire back at you, but for the most part, they just stand three waiting to be killed by your lead slugs.

Western VR is one of the better VR shooters and does feel immersive and fun. It’s entertaining, but still a signal that VR apps are in their infancy.

western vr