Your favorite arcade game with a VR twist

VR Mac-Pan aims to rekindle everyone’s love affair with the iconic retro arcade game, Pac-Man. And I don’t think the developers need to be worried about a lawsuit by Namco, because this game is a sad sorry excuse, even for a cheap knockoff. The only worthwhile element here, is the VR presentation, which is reduced to a gimmick at best.

There’s several levels to conquer here, and I don’t see anyone spending much time on any of them, because the game is wholly unplayable and crude, to be kind. You’re plopped into a 3D maze, as seen from the first person’s POV, which is about as cool as this one gets. From there, you’re gobbling up all the nummy-nummy pixel spheres, with a running tally of how many are left to find in any given maze. Now for the bad part.

The iconic ghosts, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are nowhere to be found! Instead, there’s just colored spheres that kill you on contact. Like so many VR games before this one, the developers fail to realize that these games only play well when you have an overview of the entire maze. What VR games like this need, is a map view on the upper corner of your VR screen, that way you get the cool factor of the first person’s POV, along with the overview map that helps give you a clue as to which way to go and what’s lurking around the next corner, waiting to pounce. Without that, the game is just about impossible to play or enjoy.

VR Mac-Pan shows a lot of promise, but as it is, comes off very sloppy and unworthy of the download. So much promise, yet nothing here worth playing.

VR Mac-Pan2

VR Mac-Pan3