Relax you in any situation

Zen VR is a meditative game where you wander through, well, a Zen garden, in all of its 3D glory. This is actually one of the better games by this developer, even though it’s not really a game. Basically, you just admire the scenery, which naturally, looks to be somewhere in China. There’s mountains, cherry blossoms, a humungous moon and a waterfall that seemingly drops to earth from the heavens. It’s all very meditative, tranquil and Zen-like.

The sounds are definitely part of the experience, and this one would best be played with headphones on so you can really immerse yourself in the experience. The graphics go for CGI realism and almost border on looking lifelike, but then, that’s all relative to the viewer. The colors are vibrant and rich with details. The animation is clean and smooth, but then, it’s moving at a Zen-like pace, so not all that taxing on your gizmo’s processes.

The funny thing about this one, is you can roam the Zen garden normally as a human would, or you can choose to view the landscape as an animal creature and see the garden through their eyes, as they presumably would. You can choose between a cat, snake, eagle, frog or dragonfly. The color scheme and focus changes for each animal, so it can be pretty trippy and absorbing.

Zen VR is a cool experience and it’s actually kind of nice to try a VR app like this. It’s totally unique and worth checking out for sure.

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