Immerse yourself in the ZorBowling competition

ZorBowling VR is really cool because it makes full use of the VR universe. You’ll need both the headgear and a handheld wireless game controller to play, but it’s definitely worthwhile if you like bowling games. The app starts you off with a nicely presented tutorial which guides you through what all the buttons on the wireless controller can do, and it’s actually quite a lot for a straight up bowling game.

The bowling lane is setup in the wilderness, and the pins are shaped like different animals, like pandas, penguins and squid. Okay, so not all of these animals live in these woods, but then, hamsters in a plastic ball can’t really bowl, so there’s no point splitting hairs. The game controller can adjust speed, trajectory and a few other things that we’ll leave as a surprise. What this game gets right over other VR games, is after you take your shot, they show you an instant replay from the third person’s perspective, that way you get a better look at what happened to the pins. Most VR games are stricken with the “can’t see the forest for the trees” mentality, which is a little myopic and doesn’t always serve the play best. But the instant replay from an alternate vantage point solves all that nicely.

The graphics are quite good, with inviting colors and a fully realized landscape, which is sort of unusual for VR games at the moment. The animation is also quite good, with smooth renders and some decent action. The sounds are a little comical with realistic bowling and outdoorsy ambiance.

ZorBowling VR offers some decent fun. No, it’s not the greatest bowling game ever, but it is a really good VR game, which is saying a lot for this fledgling format.

ZorBowling VR2